While Canberra may appear to be little more than politics, grey cardigans and Walter Burley Griffin to outsiders, those who know her well know the truth: that she is the vibrant, fun-filled home to exciting, engaged and dynamic communities and neighbourhoods. Canberra is the sexy librarian of Australian cities.

Parties at the Shops is an opportunity to celebrate the unique personalities of these communities and their local artists in creative ways that are determined by the communities themselves.

Canberra’s official birthday is 12 March – the day that Lady Denman stood upon the newly laid Foundation Stones and announced that the name of the new Australian capital would be Canberra.

Parties at the Shops 2015 has been expanded to  ayear-long program, with events held all around Canberra during the beautiful Autumn and Spring months. Pop over to the Attend a Party page for event dates.

Parties at the Shops connects communities, showcases local talent, and celebrates the unique personalities of Canberra’s suburbs and the interesting characters who live there.

Parties at the Shops aims to leave a lasting legacy on our city: a sense of community pride, appreciation of Canberra’s local art and cultural talents, and closer ties between Canberra’s business and arts communities.

Parties at the Shops was featured in the Centenary of Canberra highlights brochure: http://canberra100.com.au/news-and-media/article/?id=canberras-centenary-its-a-wrap

In 2015 Parties at the Shops is proudly supported by the Land Development Agency, the ACT Government’s Event Fund, Bendigo Bank and Capital Metro.